Back to school time comes with a bunch of mixed emotions- and behaviors- from your children! Here are some quick tips to make sure you get the year started smoothly, and keep it that way!

  • Create a routine that works for you!
  • Bed time should be consistent daily with a chance for kids to wind down (bath, books, etc) before going to sleep.
    • You may have to play around with bed times to determine how much sleep is necessary for your kids to wake up and function optimally!
  • Keep screen time to a bare minimum before bed if present at all! This can wake kids up or keep them up because they want to continue what they are watching or playing.
    • Collect all iPads, Kindles, iPods, etc before bed so they can’t sneak them instead of sleeping!
  • Keep a consistent morning routine! A checklist can help with this and puts your children in charge of themselves. Checklist items should include brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed, putting their lunches in their backpacks, etc.
  • Make time when your children come home to let them relax. Give them an opportunity to process their day and tell you about it, but don’t force it! Let them know you are around to talk about the good and not so good things that happened during the day. The hope is that they will come to you 😉
    • See my post on my Facebook page about ways to ask your kids how their days were without asking them for some tips! (
  • Don’t forget lots of hugs at the end of the day, kids always need that!

Please feel free to post some things that have worked (or not worked!) for your family in the comments section!